Problems Related to the Cisco Router and their Solutions

Looking for the solutions related to the Cisco Router? You are stumbled at the right place because this article will tell you the easy solutions for troubleshooting your problems. Facing problem while accessing the internet makes everyone frustrated.

Nowadays having internet at home and office is the absolute necessity because now every work can be easily done using the internet. The router helps us by providing the fast internet speed. There are the different brands of routers available in the market which everyone can purchase according to their budget and the functionality they want.

Cisco is one of the renowned multinational technologies known for making the networking and hardware products. It is one of the largest networking companies in the world. Different models of Cisco router technical support are available in the market having different bandwidth network and internet speed.

Let us know about the problems occurring in the Cisco routers and their solution here.

1. Problem in Configuration

This problem has been experienced by many users using the Cisco router. We all know that each router has different configuration settings which becomes difficult for us to get the configuration right on the first try.

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Solution: - To solve this problem, the vendors provide the setup CD with the routers so that the user can follow the steps easily by watching the installation CD. The printed instructions are also provided so that you can also read the instructions step by step. The layered configuration can be done easily. Try the steps and if still, you are facing any issue, you can visit the website.

2. How to enable the file sharing on your router?

There is no need to buy the separate NAS for storing files as you can use your router for this task. The Cisco router comes with USB ports. You can connect a USB drive for sharing of files. But the problem again comes in plugging the external USB drive and setting up the connection.

Solution: - You can download the software which is needed for setting the connection using the internet. The software is different for both Windows and Mac but there is no way to protect the shared files on your shared drive.

This was all about the problems related to the Cisco router and their easy solutions. If anyone is still facing the issue, then they can contact the support team by visiting the website.

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